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22.1.20 Interview & comment on Local Plan Green Belt Petition handover in SurreyLive!

Spelthorne's Local Plan Consultation

(Consultation ended at 23:59 on 21 January 2020)

Spelthorne Borough Council (SBC) is consulting on their Local Plan until Tuesday.

As part of their plan, they are proposing to strip 19 Green Belt areas

(totalling 53 hectares) of protection for the purpose of accommodating

housing, commercial space (cargo areas) and traveller sites.  

In order for Green Belt to be released as part of a new local plan,

a Council needs to show that there are "exceptional circumstances” (NPPF, para.136) and that housing need cannot be met on previously-developed or 'brownfield' land. By law, Councils are under a duty to make as much use as possible of 'brownfield’ sites and avoid homes being built at low densities.


SBC is suggesting that brownfield sites can hold only 2,671 housing units so those 1,649 homes have to be built on Green Belt. 



We disagree. In our density analysis

we have assessed the site proposals

in accordance with the provisions

set out in the NPPF (including the

desirability of maintaining an area’s

prevailing character and setting) and have concluded that identified brownfield sites in the Borough can hold up to 7,505 housing units in total (as opposed to 2,947 housing units suggested by the Council) which leaves ample room to accommodate the 1,649 homes that the Council contends have to be built on Green Belt.


Our study shows that there are "no exceptional circumstances" allowing SBC to release Green Belt.


Cllr Doerfel is currently working with Malcolm Beecher, colleagues and residents on this issue.

Our Petition against Green Belt release can be found here.

You can let those who decide the Local Plan know how you feel by responding to the Consultation and by emailing  concerns/submissions you may have to your Councillors including the Council leader and members of his Cabinet:,,,,,,,,,


Please also copy us in: and

You can also email all Councillors.


Response to Spelthorne BC's Consultation on Local Green Space Assessment Methodology 

(Consultation ended at 23:59 on 04 June 2019) 

Response Report initially published 31.05.2019

A Petition has been set up to support the Response.

Cllr. Jan Doerfel is currently working with colleagues and Resident Groups in response to the Spelthorne Borough Council Consultation on Local Green Space Assessment Methodology which closed on 4th June 2019.

Unless we act swiftly to submit comprehensive replies to the consultation document, we risk losing our green spaces for good.

At an urgent meeting held on 28 May 2019 at Staines Methodist Church, Staines, he presented our analysis of the consultation document and recommendations to be put forward to the council, and discussed strategies with local groups, residents and colleagues.

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